Terms and Conditions to Registration with Otumoetai Cadets

All members wishing to register with Otumoetai Cadets or parents of juniors who register with Otumoetai Cadets must agree comply with the following documents . registration will be taken as full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Codes of Conduct:

There are three codes of conduct that are active in Bay of Plenty and Western Bay of Plenty. These relate to diferent competitions. they may, or may not, all be relavent depending on the competitions you are involved in. The WBOP Senior Code of Conduct is essentially the same as the BOP document with a few minor changes, mostly around point penaties and contact details. The policy itself is essentially the same.  The WBOP Junior policy is a seperate policy. In the Western Bay of Plenty document below the senior policy is first with the junior policy below. Please note that all Codes of Conducts apply to players, coaches and spectators

Please check the links below:

Bay of Plenty Competitions (Premier, McNaughton, Representative)  Section 16 of this document is the Code of Conduct

Western Bay of Plenty Senior and Junior Codes of Conduct

Otumoetai Cadets Host Responsibility Document

  • Otumoetai Cadets Cricket Club believes that we have a responsibility to provide an environment that is not only comfortable and welcoming, but also where alcohol is served responsibly.
  • We provide and actively promote a range of low and non-alcoholic drinks. Tea, coffee and free water are available at all times.
  • A range of food is also available. The menu is on display at all times.
  • It is against the law to serve minors. If we are in doubt as to your age, we will ask for ID. Acceptable forms of proof of age are a current driver’s licence, current passport or a HANZ 18+ card.
  • Patrons who are visibly intoxicated will not be served alcohol, will be asked to leave the property and encouraged to take advantage of the safe transport options.
  • We will encourage people to have a designated driver. We provide a range of non-alcoholic drinks. Please ask for options.
  • We will make sure all these services are well promoted and will display the necessary signage required under The Sale of liquor Act.
  • We will maintain training and management policy to give our staff the skills and support required to do the job properly.
  • Please be our guest and take advantage of the services we offer.


“Host Responsibilty” makes sure everyone has a good time and leaves in safe shape for the road home. It could save our licence and save your life.


                                                               Otumoetai Cadets Cricket Club Committee

Team Selections

Our senior teams are selected on a weekly basis depending on availability and form. This provides opportunities for players to get the chance to progress up the grades and perform well and, on occasion, for a young college player to experience an adult game here and there. When registering, please select where you aspire to play but please realise that this may not be where you play each week.

The college teams generally are a bit more settled although there are opportunities for players to extend themselves here as well with going up a division on occasion or playing their way up a grade with performance.

The intermediate and primary teams are normally a bit more settled unless we have excess numbers but we try to involve as many players each week as possible. On occasion an intermediate player may also be offered the opportunity to play in a college team as well but there is no pressure for them to do so.