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Please register through the correct tag below and fill out as much information as possible. If unsure of clothing sizes there is a size guide under the "Club Merchandise" page or you can try on for size when next at the club.


  1. If re-registering you will require your login password.
  2. If still at school please select a junior registration even if playing senior cricket.
  3. The "Preferred Team' selection is to give us and idea of your aspirations. It does not affect your registration group and fees.
  4. The Sunday League registration group is only for those who want to be in the Sunday League squads but play their Saturday cricket elsewhere. If you are registered with Otumoetai Cadets for Saturday cricket you need not register for Sunday League as well. All player who play though will be charged match fees.
  5. Please check out the Regfistration Groups below to find the correct group for you.
  6. If you have any questions contact Grant on 0272 989 739

Registration Groups and Fees


Girls cricket 

Year 7/8 Term 1 Only        $60

All intermediate aged girls wanting to play Saturday cricket

Year 9/10 Term 1 Only      $70

All college aged girls wanting to play Saturday cricket for Terms 4 only.

Primary / Intermediate Saturday cricket

Year 6 and below Term 4 only    $60

Both boys and girls school Year 6 and below

Year 7/8 Term 1 only        $60

All intermediate aged boys wanting to play Saturday cricket

College cricket

Year 9-13 Tear 4 only        $70

All Year 9-13 players wanting to play Saturday cricket even if playing in a Men's grade.

Sunday League cricket

Sunday League Full Season    $60  (NOTE: match fees will apply to those who play games)

Super Smash (Friday night cricket skills)

Cadets are happy for you to register as a member here so you can get club emails etc. but Northern Districts are running this program this year. As I understand it the session will now be from 4pm until 5pm but still at the Cadets ground at Tauranga Domain. to register for this with ND go to


Women's cricket  Post Christmas only  $70

For woman above school age wishing to play Saturday cricket

University or Polytech Student    $170

For tertiary students

Senior Player (Premier, Reserve Grade, B-Grade)  Post Christmas only  $100

For those players above school age wishing to play senior cricket on a Saturday.