Welcome to a new cricket season to both our existing members and a number of new members who are joining Cadets for the first time. May it be as successful both on and off the field as it was last season. I guess this can be a busy time for emails as we try to get information out to everyone so here we go. Hopefully this will be the longest email you will need to read for the season.

Registrations are now open as per last season this will be done through PLAYHQ. The link is at the bottom of this page.


Select your registration form according to the following:

WBOPCA Senior      Senior Registration Form

  • If you are 18 or older on the 1st January 2024
  • If you are planning to manage or volunteer for a senior team

WBOPCA Junior and Youth     Junior and Youth Registration Form

  • If you are 17 or younger on the 1st January 2024
  • If you are planning to manage or volunteer for a junior, college or Sunday League team

NOTE: There are only two registration forms this year. All senior  (18 or over) players need to register under the WBOPCA Senior form and we will move players to the BOP competitions when they become available.

This year you will be asked to agree to some terms and conditions. These are linked on the registration form or you can read them HERE


For those new to Cadets, our senior teams are selected on a weekly basis depending on availability and form. This provides opportunities for players to get the chance to progress up the grades and perform well and, on occasion, for a young college player to experience an adult game here and there. When registering, please select where you aspire to play but please realise that this may not be where you play each week.

The college teams generally are a bit more settled although there are opportunities for players to extend themselves here as well with going up a division on occasion or playing their way up a grade with performance.

The intermediate and primary teams are normally a bit more settled unless we have excess numbers but we try to involve as many players each week as possible. On occasion an intermediate player may also be offered the opportunity to play in a college team as well but there is no pressure for them to do so.


Below are the Competitions we plan to enter teams for.

Bay of Plenty Senior (Premier) Cricket

We will be entering our Cadets Senior 1st XI as in previous years.


Western BOP Senior Cricket

There are changes to senior cricket this year. Instead of a 12 team reserve grade and three 40 over divisions there will be four divisions of senior cricket.

Division 1 (50 Overs): As I understand it the top 8 teams from the initial round robin from last year will be invited to form this grade.

Division 2 (50 Overs): The remaining 4 Reserve Grade teams from last year and top 4 from last years Div 1 will be invited to join this grade.

Division 3 (40 Overs): The next 8 teams from last years 40 over competitions

Division 4 (40 Overs): The next 8 teams from last years 40 over competitions

The competition will run for the full season with promotion and relegation between the grades. Details on this will come out with the finalised playing conditions.

 NOTE 1: While grade placements will be offered, some teams may not want to go into a certain grade for whatever reason. We win be entering our 2nd XI in Div 1 and have indicated we want our 3rd XI in Div 2. This is looking likely at this stage.

NOTE 2: Final Grdae numbers in Div 3 and 4 may alter depending on team entries.


 Western BOP Youth Cricket

College Cricket – We plan to enter at least one College Div 1 team and the Girls 1st XI in the Div 1 competition and perhaps another team in the Div 2 competition. This will depend on the numbers available. Please note that there is a possibility that the Saturday “Div 1” competition may be split into a top and bottom 6 teams creating effectively a two Division competition. From feedback received so far this may suit our teams better. Final playing conditions are still to come out.

The divisions are likely to be:

Div 1:  40 overs         6 overs max/bowler  Batters retire at 50

Div 2:  20 overs        ? overs max/bowler  Batters retire at  ?  ( there are changes being made to this division, Moving to a T20 format

which will move to a Friday Night)


Western BOP Junior Cricket

I have attached a document about the junior pathways for WBOP cricket which will help explain each grade.

Intermediate Cricket – At the moment it is looking promising to have at least one intermediate team plus our Girls 2nd XI playing intermediate cricket. The grade will be finalised once our numbers and abilities are confirmed.

Primary Cricket – We hope to once again have one primary team at least. As above, the final grade will be determined once we know numbers and ability.


Sunday League Cricket

We will be entering teams in all available Sunday League grades. We run a squad system for Sunday League and select the best team available on the day to play in those games. If you are playing Saturday cricket for Cadets then you are available for selection if you chose to be and no additional subscription is required. You may see a registration fee for Sunday League in the registration form but this is ONLY for players wishing to join the squad who play Saturday cricket elsewhere. We treat all our squad members though as Cadets club members. As not all squad members play to cover the match day cost of balls and umpires all players who play get charged a match fee irrespective of where they play on Saturdays.



We plan to continue to train all our players in groups again so they all get the opportunity to meet the others in their age group and also get the opportunity to extend themselves. For those new to Cadets you may find this a bit different than what you have experienced before with just team practices but it has been very successful for us.  Training will be finalised soon.



We will be looking at confirming some pre-season training and fixtures in the very near future so keep an eye on your emails for more info. A junior muster day is also on the way.




There are a small number of people who do a lot of work to make this club work. This is not sustainable to have people trying to organise a number of teams on match day because no-one else will step up. PLEASE, PLEASE think about how you can help out. It would be great to have a manager for each Senior team and really imperative that each junior team has at least one coach/manager and a couple of people who can score. I am happy to run training nights for the new scoring format which is not too dissimilar to CricHQ. Our junior practices are run by our club coach so coaches/managers don’t need to commit to practices if they don’t want to but need to be able to do team communications and look after the team on match day. If you want to help out but feel you need some advice or training we will arrange this for you.

If you can help in any way at all please register yourself on PlayHQ as a coach, manager or volunteer. You will get the opportunity there to say what you can help with. The more support out there the better the club will run. Some ideas other than the obvious could be:

  • Website support
  • Social media
  • Anyone interested in journalism who may like to write some content for the website
  • Clubroom maintenance
  • Helping with lunches for senior teams


 I look forward to seeing your registrations coming through very soon. The sooner they are in, the sooner we can sort out our teams.


WE CAN NOT RUN THE CLUB NOW WITHOUT VOLUNTEERS, ESPECIALLY FOR THE JUNIOR TEAMS. PLEASE REGISTER YOURSELF AS A COACH, MANAGER OR VOLUNTEER IF YOU CAN HELP OUT IN ANY WAY. If you register as a coach, manager or volunteer there will be no fee for this. You will be asked in what capacity you can help out.


If you register as a player there will be a few extra questions to answer. Most are self-explanatory but here are a couple of notes.

  • For the Junior and Youth registrations please note that registration fees for girls and boys are the same. Girls can select a girls team in one of the later questions.
  • You will need to select an appropriate fee. This should hopefully be clear as to which fee is appropriate. Due to the way the system is set up the youth and junior fees are only available for half a season and will need to be renewed in Term 1 of 2023. The half season fee is exactly half of what a full season fee would be so there are no extra costs.


NOTE: SUNDAY LEAGUE CRICKET: If your child is registered with Cadets for Saturday cricket there is no extra charge for Sunday league cricket to be included in the squad but match fees will apply for games played. Only players playing Saturday cricket elsewhere would need to pay the Sunday League registration.

  • Please provide your CricHQ ID number if you have it.Not required if you did this already last season. This is a NZ cricket question which is to assist them to find the players existing CricHQ profile for when they source historical statistics.
  • What teams do you aspire to play for this season?This does not guarantee selection in this grade but gives us an idea of the players aspirations for the season. Refer to the previous email for info about teams if you need it. The junior pathway is also attached to this email.


Multiple Registrations

  • You can register multiple people in your family from the same profile.
  • If you want to register as a volunteer and a player this can be done by logging back in and registering again.



Once the registration form is completed you will be able to pay by credit or debit card. If for some reason you can not pay immediately, please contact Luke McConaghty to arrange a payment plan as you will need a voucher before you can complete the registration process.

Club Communication App

Finally, we are trying out a new app to try to improve communication within the club.  The app is called stack team app. We ask that you do the following:

  1. Download stackteamapp on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Set up an account. It is a free app so there will be no charges.
  3. Search for Otumoetai Cadets Cricket Club
  4. Enter our site and request to join our “Players and Officials” group

It only takes a few minutes so please take the time and check out the app.


Contacts for any queries


Registration form (teams or fees):

Grant Manners          0272 989 739   

Aaron Loye                 0272762249     


Payment Questions:

Luke McConaghty     02108665452    

To register on PlayHQ Click Here