Cricket Express MVP Program

Cricket Express have agreed to support the club this year by offering a MVP loyalty program to our members and supporters See below for details of the MVP Program and how to register. Remember to use CDCC for your cricket club details to link you to the club.


Cadets Cricket Club Members and Supporters



$15.00 sign-up incentive given in the way of MVP dollars when a Cadets Cricket Club Member signs up to the Cricket Express MVP Loyalty Programme.



The $15.00 incentive will run for a 6 week period from today (27th July 2020) until Sunday (6th September 2020), after that date the member will not be entitled to the $15.00 sign up incentive.

Any members that have already signed up to the programme and didn’t receive the $15.00 sign up incentive, we will ensure that this is given to make the relationship fair and equitable.



There is two ways that a member can sign up to the MVP Loyalty Programme.

  1. Come into the store and make a purchase and the team in-store will add them to the MVP Loyalty Programme and provide a $15.00 discount on the highest value product purchased. The staff in store have been made aware of this incentive and will do everything to ensure the correct process is followed
  2. Sign up online Here (right click, open link) and we will then manually as a business ensure that the $15.00 sign up incentive is assigned to the Cadets members MVP number. When the member signs up online they need to ensure that in the box that asks for their cricket club they enter CDCC  which ensures that they’re linked in our system to the Cadets CC. Please ensure that the members put N/A in that format when asked what Hockey Club they play for, otherwise it won’t let them proceed.



I have bulleted pointed below the benefits to the member for signing up to the MVP Loyalty Programme, which you may wish to highlight to them.

  • Earn personal rewards for shopping with Cricket Express
  • For every $250 you spend with us, you'll get $25 off your next purchase
  • You'll earn MVP points on every purchase with us, no matter how small and once you hit $250 you'll have $25 to spend.
  • Until November 1st 2020 MVP points are doubled i.e. 2 MVP points earned for every $10 Dollars spent.
  • As an MVP, you can spend and accumulate your MVP points on both Cricket and Hockey products with Cricket Express and Just Hockey.
  • A rebate is paid to Cadets Cricket Club on all CDCC members purchases (who are signed up to the Cricket Express MVP Loyalty Programme) at the end of each season, meaning the club is gaining the opportunity to provide new equipment and making the player experience more enjoyable.